12 Reasons Being A Virgo Is Super Duper Awesome

I’m a virgo and a proud one at that. Since I was a kid, I’d look at all the zodiac signs and think that the virgo was the prettiest, even before I knew I was one. When I did find out, I was overjoyed. But since then, I’m come to understand that there are some traits Virgos share, maybe not everything, but some.

But most of them are traits you’d love in a best friend, a boyfriend or a parent and this is what makes us so damn awesome…

1. We aren’t easily blinded, so 9 times out of 10, we can see through bullshit.


2. We are the best advice givers, so everyone flocks to us when they seek guidance.


3. We know what we want and most of us have a 5-year-plan.


4. We submit everything on time and our employers are pretty lucky to have us, because deadlines our are best friends.


5. We have an opinion about everything.


6. We research a lot, whether it’s about a restaurant, a vacation or a big life decision.


7. Once we say you’re our friend, you will always be treated special.


8. We’re really independent, but we love taking care of people.


9. Our analytical skills will put scientists to shame.


10. We go out of our way for everyone we love.


11. We’re super honest, so think before you ask us if you’ve gained those extra kilos.


12. Once we fall in love, we fall for good.

So do you have some super-duper awesome Virgo in your life?



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