Pisces Weekly Horoscope, February 12 to February 18

A powerful new moon will bring a lot of focus on your 12th house of hidden fears, emotions, psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels. This planetary activity is indicating the importance of handling your emotional struggles. You may have concerns related to your hidden desires. You should focus more I charity deeds during this time.

You may have to be ready for a retrospect. The Sun is also in this house and it will throw light on your subconscious mind. Please take a step behind and try to do a self-analysis on your life. This retrospect will make you very insightful. Minor physical issues also can come up as a part of this transit. Prayer and meditation also will be ideal.

Mercury will move into your sign and it will be in a debilitation mode. Venus is also moving through this sign so, matters like self and personality will be in huge focus. Mercury indicates communication and speech. It is the indicator for multi-tasking. So, you will have to be very well planned. There will be a lot to communicate. Intellectual projects can also come up. This may make you little scattered. Since Mercury is in a debilitation mode, you have to control your speech.

Venus is also moving through this sector, so you will naturally look more into your physical beauty, and vitality. Venus, itself is the planet of love, luxury, and money. You will try to get all these. New beginnings in personal life are seen. The new romantic relationship also may follow you. Those who are already in a relationship may have to control their ego and self-seeking mode.

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