Pisces Daily Horoscope Feb 13, 2018

You’ll find that your mind is sharp and penetrating today, Pisces. Make sure you stay focused and organized. You have the power of discipline behind you that will help you manifest quite a bit on a day like today. Keep in mind that your openness to others and your incredible sensitivity are some of your greatest gifts. Use your power to create prosperity for yourself, but do it without hurting or manipulating others.


The current planetary aspect may give you such a deep-seated sense of security that you have no problem in expressing delicate feelings to your partner (current or prospective). You finally understand that they are not around to get at you, or to make you feel bad for not being perfect, but that they really do want to love and support you. Give your sweetie a chance to show you how healing total acceptance can be.


Money matters are high on the agenda. Take the time to address these issues carefully. You will be extremely efficient with numbers, spreadsheets, and bank statements. Attention you pay to budget-related issues will be well worth your while.


This is a wonderful time to organize your time and fit in all the things you normally don’t get to do for yourself. Make this week a week of self-pampering! Do whatever it is that you normally put off because it is “indulgent” or time-consuming. Make the time to indulge yourself! Hair, skin, feet, hands, body, the more pampering the better! You are a natural born worker – and a little TLC will not jeopardize your work ethic! It’s all about looking and feeling your best. Go for it!


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