Scorpio Daily Horoscope Feb 13, 2018

Some days it may be hard for you to get motivated, Scorpio, but if ever there were a day in which it was easier than others, this would be the day. You’ll find that your mind is quite attuned to the situation around you and that your sense of grounding is helping you manifest that which you wish to bring to life. There’s a sense of time restriction and limitation to the day that is prodding you to act now.


You may decide to take the plunge as far as someone special is concerned. The astral energy makes you eager to show them just how deeply you care. Whatever it takes to get the message across, you will feel inclined to try. Even though you are usually fairly modest and reserved, you will feel inspired to go that extra mile to make yourself heard and understood.


Looking for a new job? This is your day to find it. Following your instincts will lead you to the perfect opportunity that will pay you the salary that you want. Your grounded, trustworthy, and honest nature are exactly what employers desire.


Today’s transit is a lovely one for the sensually oriented. Your body is your temple, and it’s a great couple of days for worship! Try to prepare your food as though you were a religious monk celebrating the deity of pleasure: fresh fruits (organic taste better), whole grains, and your favorite flavors. Your body is a sacred ornament: polish it within and without with exercise (yoga massages your internal organs) and exfoliating baths (oats and chopped pear is a great mixture to bring into the water and rub onto your skin).

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