Aquarius Love Horoscope – Feb 24, 2018

The planetary alignment of the day means that you are in a far more idealistic mood than may be healthy for you. If you have been thinking of asking someone close out on a date, then just be careful that you don’t get carried away by some aspect of their appearance or manner, and think they are too wonderful. It is important that you maintain a sense of perspective.

You may think you’re a brilliant communicator today, but your lover may disagree. Being able to share what’s in your heart and on your mind isn’t so easy, so cut yourself a break if you’re not able to perfectly express yourself to the one you love.

Uncertainty is a part of life and if you can roll with this quirky, unpredictable energy today, tomorrow will be an entirely different ball of wax. Patience may be at a premium, so do what you can to summon and maintain it.

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