Aquarius Monthly Horoscope – February 2018

It’s Aquarius season and the world is abuzz with novel ideas and an air of individuality. The Sun is in your sign until February 18, making these peak weeks for your personal goals and independent pursuits and begging the question: What do you want to accomplish in 2018? In the first half of February, get clear on who you are, how you show up in the world and how to best use your gifts. Where can your unique contributions leave a meaningful mark?

Aquarian energy is cerebral and electric, and with el Sol here, you could feel pulled in a million directions. Take a moment to center yourself and breathe before plunging into your daily tasks. Focus on your top three priorities instead of taking on too much. Leave room for surprises and spontaneity—which could be plentiful now. Ah, music to your Aquarian ears!

Another reason to pace yourself? February begins in the tailwind of a January 31 total lunar eclipse in Leo, which shook up your seventh house of partnerships. The energy may still feel jarring as the month begins—and with a second eclipse arriving mid-February (more on that shortly), the grander picture hasn’t been fully exposed. January’s illuminating eclipse sparked a serious relationship review for some Water Bearers. You should continue to evaluate which ties are worth developing, which need patching up, and which are beyond repair.

Eclipse can bring sudden changes, but they also have long-term effects that reveal themselves over time. Don’t worry if you find yourself in the midst of some cosmic reshuffling or deep contemplation about the company you keep. As the month progresses, various plot twists will start to make sense. The eclipse’s dramatic Leo influence could bring a proposal, a breakup or major commitment talks. Even rock-solid couples may feel the urge to revamp some part of your relationship. Career-wise, you may receive an unexpected offer to collaborate, or you’ll connect with a new kindred spirit who sparks a new venture. Aquarius, you appreciate a strong intellectual connection above all (Google the term “sapiosexual”—which basically means you find intelligence to be the sexiest trait of all). A meeting of the minds could have “dynamic duo” scrawled all over it.

Before you get too wrapped up in “we,” let’s get back to “me.” Balancing self and others will be crucial this month. Aquarians can fall into the trap of keeping the peace at all costs, but it’s a slippery slope when you compromise your individuality for the good of a group. Don’t abandon your dreams to care-take, lest you build up a powder keg of resentment that detonates without warning. In most cases, people will have had no idea you were percolating with all that frustration. And really, how could they if you don’t express yourself?

Authenticity is the secret ingredient this February, so state your truth, even if your voice quivers. Air signs are the communicators of the zodiac, and your holding back serves nobody. Trust your message and speak up proactively. This divine directive gets even louder on February 15, when a second eclipse—this time a partial solar (new moon) one—lands in Aquarius. It’s the year’s only Aquarius new moon, which acts as a personal New Year for you. Not only will your life be remixed, but this eclipse will deliver stunning clarity around your personal goals. As one of the zodiac’s four fixed signs, you’re pretty solid in your identity, but you may still experience a revolutionary shift. Is it time for a new look, too? Your presentation is already unique, but perhaps you’ll make a yet another style change. Core beliefs you’ve held onto for years could be radically altered by a game-changing friendship or opportunity. Anything is possible, so remain open to miracles that present themselves during eclipse season.

Celeb case study: Your fellow Water Bearer Justin Timberlake is dropping his new record “Man of the Woods” (his “most personal album yet”) in between these two eclipses. With tracks like “Flannel” and “Livin’ Off the Land,” he appears to be influenced by the Filson-wearing, lumbersexual, mountain-man set. This departure from his R&B-influenced roots was drastic enough for one snarky blogger to quip that he’s “rebranded as a white man.”

Will you surprise the world with your own debut, Aquarius? This would be the month to reinvent—or to get started, anyway. The seeds you plant during this new moon will fully manifest by the lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aquarius on July 27—an ideal target date to unveil anything you start now. No need to rush, though. February is a rare month because there are NO full moons, so don’t feel compelled to force anything into the spotlight just yet.

To add to the self-versus-others tension, the Aquarius new moon kicks off the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog. With the ultimate pack animal lording over the lunar New Year, teamwork and cooperation will rule the day. This could make it challenging to fight your people-pleasing nature. Make like Timberlake in his NSYNC days and be the lead singer of a hit group (which you’ll ultimately leverage to launch your solo career, obvi). Or follow the lead of breakout Aquarius actress Yara Shahidi, whose star is shining in the ensemble cast of ABC’s “Grownish.”

But wait! Let’s backtrack 24 hours…because Valentine’s Day. The moon will be in your sign, but it’s in a sleepy “balsamic” (nearly new) phase. Cupid should probably expect a lukewarm reception at best. But hey, some of the best plans are the ones made at the last minute. Detached Aquarian energy appreciates the “no-pressure” approach. Rally some of your favorite friends and go out as a group. Skip the fine-dining circuit and hit that authentic noodle shop that looks sketchy but is really a neighboring town’s best-kept secret. Bring your own wine, splurge on dessert and enjoy!

You’ll settle into more of a grounded groove on February 18, when the Sun moves on to Pisces and your stabilizing second house. For the next month, whittle down all those clever ideas and find one or two that will stick. If you’ve put off any New Year’s resolutions, this habit-forming phase will help you simplify and plan. As the year’s shortest month ends, the eclipse- season madness will start to reveal its methods. Sit tight, because a Virgo full moon on March 1 could bring more clues. In the meantime, get your life on solid ground so you’re ready for whatever emerges!

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