Aquarius Weekly Horoscope – 17/09/2018 – 23/09/2018

A steady increase in habitual expenses and a dearth of savings may get you thinking about the way to earn extra bucks. Businessmen will be busy negotiating and cracking multiple deals. Spending on the development of business is one of the agendas this week. Employees may have to perform under pressure, which eventually, is likely to leave them stressed-out. On the personal front, rude, uncouth behaviour of lover will shock you. Although you may be pained, refrain from getting into an argument or a verbal spat. Wait for the right time to correct the loved one. Students will face a Herculean task in academics – effective learning may get difficult during this time, eventually affecting their progress. Post-graduation students shall be on a look-out for an opportunity to earn pocket money. A part-time job or assignment may leave no time for them to focus on their studies.


It will be an illuminating period for you, and you will take all the learnings from this experience with a grateful heart! Mars is making way across your sign is likely to make you too critical as someone who demands perfection. So, go easy on yourself and others around you by having reasonable expectations of others as well as yourself. Those shells are meant to be broken. Reduce misunderstandings by opening up to your partner. It would be a good way to dispel the negativity that has been building up in your relationship.


There are chances of travel for business or a fresh posting but it would not be very helpful in the short run. During this period you would rely exclusively on your own skill to handle matters. You need to keep yourself calm to deal with certain situations. You may encounter hardships that would require more efforts to solve them. Hence, it is advised to adopt a totally new approach from every angle. Remember that it is the friendships and networking that later may aid your career to some extent.


Trivialities are the gravel for your cemented life. Without this, a road to success or otherwise, can’t be smooth. Some possibly small changes in your finances are likely to accrue. So, keep a loose hand in these matters. Also, you might suffer unpleasant consequences if you make a big investment or acquisition now. Since there is a small scope of improvement in your earnings, work smarter with expert advice. You may get a good news regarding improvement in your monetary position. Try to manage your savings well.


Those suffering from arthritis or experiencing general trouble with their bones are going to have a tough week in order. Avoid unhealthy food, take enough rest and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can. Indulge in a physical activity that can align itself with your routine. A word of caution for those who smoke and suffer from allergies; you need to drastically cut down on the vicious vapors and fumes or things might get worse in the short run.

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