Aries Compatibility with Taurus

Aries & Taurus General Compatibility

Practical sense a Taurus is so proud of can be the source of great frustration to their Aries partner. From their perspective, nothing would even begin in life if practicality and careful weighing was always involved. To some point, they are right. Too much caution and a slow, steady nature can make a Taurus too stiff and unmovable, while fiery, impulsive and reactive Aries has a tendency to burn all things around them, including sensitive people like their Venus guided partners.

Aries Man and Taurus Woman – It is natural to have these two signs connect through archetypal masculine and feminine roles of Mars and Venus. An Aries man will have a chance to shine and build their life up with strength and vigor, while his Taurus woman gives in to her archetypal need to nurture him on his road to success. However, this is the toughest combination to build an understanding for “the other side”, because characteristics get attributed to gender and hardly ever adapted to true personal needs.

Aries Woman and Taurus Man – It will not be easy for a Taurus man to accept the fiery nature of his Aries woman. When attracted to each other, they will start obsessively holding on to the image of their bond, both ready to search for satisfaction and love. While they have so much to give to each other, very often they will drift apart because of wrong expectations that restrict their natures and their freedom to be exactly who they are.

Aries & Taurus Romance and Love Life

This is a couple ruled by Mars and Venus, speaking of an archetypal love story that leads to passionate encounters, a lot of attraction, emotion, and opposing characters. Taurus is an Earth sign and this brings out their need to enjoy life, cuddling, warm embraces, and traditional values when it comes to relationships. Their hearts are ready to love and be loved, while those of Aries can be shoved back, somewhere behind ambition, energy, initiative, or fear. To find recognition, Taurus needs to discover true emotion hidden behind the act of an Aries and keep it safe at all times.

Aries & Taurus Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Both of these signs are in search for physical pleasure and will reach it with one another easily if they connect on an emotional level. Their sexuality can only be nurtured with enough strong emotions and a connection by heart, and this makes them one of the worst casual flings of the zodiac. With tenderness and a careful approach, they will be able to overcome their differences and share a passionate bond in which an Aries partner will provide energy and fire, and Taurus will induce intimacy and a gentle touch.


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