Aries Horoscope for Aug 21, 2018

If certain projects or tasks have seemed difficult for you to finish, today’s energy will give you the zip you need, Aries. The energy indicates that things will go well for you once you get started. It’s a good time to meet with others to discuss business or other arrangements. Your increased communication and cooperative skills will make decisions easier than usual.


You will appreciate today immensely, with an astral energy which creates the right mood to make you feel very wanted and needed. There is an air of calm and the urge to just let life take care of itself. It is a wonderful time to share feelings, to speak about things that are perhaps not too frank and honest, but more soothing and comforting to the ego.


Clashes over who has the most power will be evident in your workplace today. Even though the person in charge may carry the title of “boss”, he or she may not have the full scope on what actually goes on in the workplace. Most likely, you know best.


You have great character and want to make the most of a bad experience – once you are far enough away from it! Nothing will help you get through hard times more than regular exercise that involves deep breathing. It sorts out the body and mind by generating the flow of freshly oxygenated blood and improving your circulation. Yoga is probably something you do already. Try to find the best time of day to practice for you and make it a healthy habit.

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