Aries Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

Keep a conciliatory and solution-oriented approach, this month. Whatever issues you have been facing – it would be best to stay open minded and approach them with a positive mind. If you can handle them and move ahead with them – great – and if not, well, time is the best healer. Work is busy and buzzing on 2nd and 3rd, and that’s actually a good thing. If you are a student, be open to guidance and assistance from classmates and seniors. Venus is now retrograde – and in your 7th House – which means troubles in routine work, marriage, committed relations and business partnerships. Stay patient and calm.

Remember one thing that differences and tiffs are temporary; so do not take any such step for which you might have to repent later. Are you making travel plans now? Well, chances of your going on a pilgrimage or where a spiritual Guru resides, or even to a higher institute of learning are foreseen – as around 11th – Jupiter makes a major move to your 9th House – Sagittarius. This will be hugely relieving for you – though results will manifest gradually. 12th and 13th bring another wave of work flurry. There will be opportunities and decisions. Go slow, though, as a plenty of astral re-alignment is in the pipeline. Soon, Venus becomes direct in Libra – which is another reason to rejoice. Mars moves to Pisces – your 12th, which means, at the same time you have to guard against wastefulness, risks and over-indulgences.

Most notably, Rahu enters Cancer, while Ketu enters Capricorn. Both these planets will be traversing through your 4/10 House axis. Finally, Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius – your 9th. Whew – too much happening! Take a deep breath and don’t worry. This is a tiem of mixed blessings. Love blooms. But, at work, you may be expected to work extra hours. Around 24th, Sun also moves to your 9th House – joining the cosmic party there. Spotlight falls on you! On 26th, you are in a work-related dilemma, or maybe it’s a choice between work and home. You are the best judge! With too many tasks to complete, you seem to be running against time. Don’t stress yourself over this; it’s just a passing phase.


If you are making plans to elope, you may not succeed as your secret will be exposed. You are annoyed as your family refuses to accept your choice. Some of you may look out for an inspirational relationship, one where you can seek motivation and a shoulder to lean on, in times of trouble. Lovers may be disappointed and distressed by your partner’s behavior. It is advised to be silent about it. Certain things are best ignored. Certainly your harmony and warmth will be maintained in the relationship. You will still be hemmed in by the threads of love and trust.


Jupiter, being in a combust state will dampen your luck in matters related to finance. Your highs in fortune will not follow a constant pattern and this will concern you. One thing good is that in spite of the crunch, your intelligence will help you to manage the month without much glitches. A close associate may ask for some money and you will be too generous to refuse. This month there are chances of getting some money through inheritance. As your liquidity will surge, you will come under strong temptations of spending. Do not be extravagant. You will be fortunate, as monetary gains will continue.


The magic in the universe will be sprinkled on your stars. The major planets are assembling in a perfect manner to see that you will succeed in your mission whether you are in business or holding a job. Those in business will be surprised at how the dealings get through without any hitch. Those employed will be supported by the expert advice of the senior and you will be indebted to them. Though you are expected to work beyond office hours, you will be in a good mood. You must consider this as your opportunity to move ahead in your career.


The seasonal change can make you prone to common cold. You must also be careful of any respiratory issues. Avoid places where the pollution levels are high. It is advisable to wear a mask while on the roads. There is nothing to be worried about your health this month. Your change in the lifestyle is certainly a great boost for your well-being. Maintain the same routine of waking up early and going for a morning walk. Yoga and meditation can soothe your nerves and keep you mentally agile. Blood pressure patients must be careful of diet and exercise regularly. Do not miss out on the medications

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