Cancer Weekly Horoscope – 17/09/2018 – 23/09/2018

A little movement in your cosmic alliance is likely to interrupt your daily activities leaving you exhausted. There is no way out, but to face the challenges. Don’t you worry; it will not last long. Employees may be given a new assignment in office. Although unwilling to take up, stick to your commitment, perform well and submit it before the deadline. Postponing your work may worsen the situation. Those in a committed relationship are likely to be upset with the rude and unacceptable behaviour of their partner. Refrain from arguing over petty issues. Instead, give some time and space to think about the right and the wrong. Graduation students may be tensed about something, which may result in poor performance in studies. On the other hand, those who are pursuing higher education may come out with flying colours.


Love is making you spend, both financially and emotionally. This week, be extra careful with not going overboard. You are in your best spirits and are ready to take advantage of this to build lasting memories together. For those who are single, it is the perfect time to woo the object of your affection and ask them out. Those who have just begun dating can safely think about taking their relationship to the next level. Your social life is bound to be colorful.


Although the things will fall in place for you, on the whole, you will still have your fair share of hurdles to encounter this week. Meeting scheduled deadlines will require lot more grit for the professionals. Overcome them with your efforts and awareness and it will definitely give you success. Also, be prepared for the opposition at work. Have your ideas heard without losing your temper or your patience. As management will be the key here, including cracking those big deals with all your ability and resources.


Planetary alignments suggest that this week’s scenario is congenial for investment or new ventures. You need to remain in a strong position on the financial front and keep patience. If you are unable to make monetary decisions on your own, then contact experts and take their guidance. It is better to consult them if you are not confident enough in some areas and where your instincts may not work.


Take a break from your busy schedule in order to refresh your mind. Spending time with family and friends will bring in the required and renewed energy. People suffering from kidney related issues are advised to stay more careful around this time. You need to control your anger otherwise it may create some more major problems for you. Try to establish a healthy routine regarding your sleep hours and to relax whenever you get chance.

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