Capricorn Horoscope for Aug 19, 2018

You’ll probably be busy today, Capricorn, and this may suit you just fine. This can really work in favor if you have some tasks to catch up on. Being energetic, active, and productive is natural for you. In fact, when you have to sit too long you probably feel restless or anxious. You may fidget, too. If you find yourself doing this, go find something active to do.


Patterns of thought are interfering with a course of action or a relationship with someone close that you are trying to resolve. The current planetary configuration is bringing these to the surface, allowing you to see the cause of the problems more clearly. You have a good chance of moving through this if you can talk about it with the person concerned. They will at least understand.


For the most part, you are feeling quite confident in your work. Today, however, you may feel a difficult thorn in your side. A small voice in your head is telling you to be cautious and take all perspectives into account. Be sure to heed this wisdom.


The best way for you to be assured of good health is to pay attention to your heart. Pay special attention to this organ this month and you will feel the benefit in both your physical and social life! The heart appreciates a low intake of red meat and dairy, a vigorous aerobic workout or a good run at least three times a week, and a lot of good friends close by whom you can call to your side and confide in regularly!

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