Capricorn Horoscope for Aug 21, 2018

If long-overdue work has piled up, Capricorn, today is the day to dig in. This is especially so for things you weren’t able to handle yesterday. Fortunately, you have added strength and mental acuity. Things will go smoothly. Make the most of this energy by not putting off anything. The pile will just grow if you procrastinate. Do what needs to be done and you’ll feel great.


This may seem like a day when things seem slow but also sweet. There may be a lot of talking about things that don’t seem to have any relevance as far as you are concerned. But it does give the opportunity for you to actually digest a meal if you are taking your loved one out – which may be a good idea. Harmony reigns and even your stomach stays calm.


You will be appreciated and recognized for all the hard work that you do. Praise will come from all angles and it sure does feel good. You have earned this acclaim; so feel free to bask in the spotlight for most of the day. Let others do the work.


You can be extremely conscientious regarding your diet when you put your mind to it. Think of the lion out in the wild. Only the freshest “kill” will do for a lion and her cubs. When it comes to feeding her little ones she lets nothing stand in her way. Try using this feline mentality when you visit your local organic grocer. Go up to the clerks and ask which vegetables are freshest, and treat yourself to the best the land has to offer.

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