Capricorn Horoscope for Aug 22, 2018

Add more sunshine to your day, Capricorn. It may be time to stir up your inner passion and let it speak with greater confidence than you have been lately. Make sure you heal yourself by letting the people around you hear your truth loud and clear. Don’t play games in order to please others. Stay true to yourself above all else.


You more than most may find today extremely stimulating – in a very cerebral sense that is. You and your nearest and dearest may spend many happy hours talking and talking under the energy of the planetary aspect that is forming. You can tease every last ounce of meaning out your favorite poems or philosophical essay, and slowly, very slowly reveal the meaning hidden behind a veil of allusions. This is a day you will remember.


The world is your oyster, and you are the master of your domain. Good fortune is at your fingertips. Embrace all the wonderful opportunities available to you now. This is no time to sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Prosperity can be yours.


You love the frisky feeling exercise gives you – although you can also be terribly lazy! There is no judgment going on here, just try to be aware that you stand to gain a lot of joy and energy from doing just a little bit more exercise than you are currently doing! Don’t do anything drastic – just increase what you do already. If you don’t do anything, try walking rather than driving or take the stairs rather than the elevator. Take your time, but increase your movement.

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