Capricorn Horoscope for Aug 23, 2018

You could be asked to make some spontaneous decisions today that you might not feel entirely comfortable making, Capricorn. You could feel you don’t have enough facts to make an educated decision about what to do next. Realize that sometimes it’s necessary to bite the bullet and make the best choice based on the knowledge you have. Be adventurous and trust your judgment.


Don’t make a big issue out of something that really is not such a big a deal. You can try and get to the bottom of the problem by using a little determination and good humor. Today’s planetary configuration indicates that there is a chance your imagination will run away with you when dealing with partners, so just be aware of what you really are saying or doing.


People want to see solid proof to substantiate the promises you made yesterday. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. If you can’t show others that you are willing to stay true to your word, you are going to lose tremendous support.


You will enjoy the positions of the planates today because you have the opportunity to accomplish things that will make you shine in days to come. You can be very industrious, especially when following a “hunch” that good things are coming and you – of all people – will be the center of the limelight! However, this atmosphere is all about conserving your energy and applying it to exactly what needs to get done. This almost certainly means getting exercise!

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