Gemini Weekly Horoscope – 17/09/2018 – 23/09/2018

You may not be receiving due credit for all the hard work that you are doing. As a result, you may feel highly discontented and grumpy. Rightly so, you may experiment with new ideas and explore new avenues to improve your prospects. Sun and Mercury are highly supportive of your endeavours, and provide necessary back-up required for your success. Here, you shall come across lucrative opportunities. Huge monetary gains, at this juncture, will not only lift your spirits but also prod you to keep trying your best. Businessmen are likely to gain big time due to the positive influence of Jupiter as striking lucrative deals with valued customers is in the offing. However, you need to have a great convincing power to finally close the deal. Employees too will feel kicked with their new role and designation. Students may decide to take up a part-time job to earn pocket money, which in turn will leave them with little time for studies.


Singles will feel the need to avoid dating and enjoy some me time over the weekends. This will be the time to reflect and cherish your existing friendships and understand things in a new light. Those who are in a relationship will enjoy a good rapport with their in-laws and will strengthen those family ties. This means that you will share a great rapport with everyone in your spouse’s extended family, including those dreaded and annoying uncles and aunts!


You may go to experiment with a new idea to push ahead of your prospects. In addition, Sun and Mercury are to provide necessary intellectual input to make this idea a success. You will get creative to solve some problems easily on the 16th and the 17th. Also, you will come across some business contacts through your friends. With this, your search for a significant milestone in your career will end. Also, the positive influence of benevolent Jupiter is to help business persons to strike a negotiation with a high net worth customer. However, follow-up multiple times to clinch the deal.


Sun and Mercury, together are to also facilitate good opportunity to benefit monetarily. A gigantic gain is to lift the spirit and motivate you to keep digging deep. This is a very good time to negotiate for your cash-ins. Remember that sometimes you will get your way, other times it just may create a dent or an overhead. Hence, it is advised to look out for debts to keep away from burdens at the monetary front. You self-efforts will bring in much solace and relief for you.


It is foretold that health would be delicate during this week too. Hence, find an affinity towards spiritual practices and mindfulness. Seeking religious learning looks to be happening for you, this week. It is advised to engage more often in pleasant activities, to meditate more and not forget to exercise. This will give you mental peace and let you be in pink of health by the end of the month.

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