Gemini Weekly Horoscope – Apr 16, 2018 – Apr 22, 2018

Monday could see you being rewarded for a job well done or perhaps praised and recognized for your work and dedication. This can also be a promising week for collaborating on a long-term project or business idea. Progress may be slow, but eventually success could be yours. Midweek, an unexpected invitation could offer a fun evening out. As the sun moves into Taurus, a more secluded sector of your chart, you’ll enter a phase in which you might want to avoid too much socializing. You may prefer to spend time doing your own thing. The cosmos encourages you to reflect on your successes and failures over the past year and look to the future and what you hope to achieve. With both cautious Saturn and determined Pluto entering their retrograde phase in your sector of shared resources, you may feel moved to restructure your finances so that your money works harder for you.


You aren’t the best when it comes to making plans. You have good intentions, but you can be scattered at times and distractions tend to get the best of you. If you accidentally miss a date or keep someone waiting, find an appropriate way to apologize. Political discussions could get heated over the weekend, as could talking about any other topics in which people are emotionally invested. If things get too heated, switch to the weather or something equally trivial.


Reach for the stars and get ready for an interesting ride. Aspects now may bring issues to a head. Meetings could be fraught with emotion, and reaching an agreement could be almost impossible. Don’t overreact. Stay cool and be the one who sets a good example. Legal issues need to be handled with care. Don’t presume anything. It’s a good time to explore foreign markets or travel on business.


You’re especially active when it comes to redefining how you want to be perceived by others. This may result in your changing the way you dress, speak, or deal with others. You’re transforming how others will see and ultimately treat you, especially at work. So many offers are coming your way that you may need time to consider all the options. Be ready to become the authority you were meant to be.


You’re a lot more interested in getting to the heart of health matters now. Working out on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do to release tension. It has a cathartic effect that helps you let go of powerful emotions. This will certainly improve your well-being.

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