Leo Weekly Horoscope – 17/09/2018 – 23/09/2018

The cosmic alignment, at the beginning of the week, hints upheavals at the personal front. Some friction with your partner or near one is likely to disrupt your peace of mind. Stay level-headed; take the matter in your hands to maintain the equilibrium at home. As no star is in retrogression, progressive forces will work effectively; be ready for some result-oriented action. Businessmen, dealing with government or semi-government organisation shall crack a long-standing, important deal. This development, in turn, is likely to uplift you, financially. As no major expense is foreseen here, you may able to save a good amount for future. Finally, the stars seem to be favouring the singles. Falling was someone in the neighbourhood and enjoying sensual pleasure is in the offing. Enjoy the chemistry, while it lasts.


Celestial positions at the beginning indicate that through your love relationships might be painful at times, but the rewards would be long-lasting. Do not lose your cool and remain level-headed. Keep changing the mode of your expressions of love as it might further your prospects in bringing potential partners into your fold. Compromise needs to be made at times with your partner to bring in enough mushiness in your life. Do not let communication gaps to develop between you and your partner. There would be innumerable romantic encounters in your life this period.


The progressive force is to work effectively and now is time for result-oriented action. Blend of stars confronting you isn’t extremely ideal for your fast growth but the things will look up the slow and steady way. You work environment will be pleasant but you need to be appreciated and heard will take a backseat. Your need for recognition may create some hostility by the end of the week leaving zero scopes for confrontations.


It is a good time for getting your financial house in order – for doing accounting, planning and optimum research. Most of the times, the planetary movements seem to be supporting you to amass wealth. It may be finally a great time to buy a property as there are attractive investment opportunities. Just stay focused so you can continue to stimulate new avenues for growth and profits in all your endeavors.


Care should also be exercised about any chronic complaints, to which you might be prone. This is especially true of any ailment related to the head. In fact, the stars not being very bright this month, you would do well to take a tonic for the head as a preventive precaution. It is advised to have healthy living which should keep you away from serious issues. If you have low energy, try to practice meditation.

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