Libra Weekly Horoscope – 17/09/2018 – 23/09/2018

Evolving of New Moon brings optimism and hope for new beginnings. Hence, you may be busy planning and strategizing the week ahead along with implementing new ideas. Frankly, that’s how it should be… if you want to stay focused and make it big. Meanwhile, your traits of being organised and methodical shall come to the fore. Ruler of your Sign Venus shifts into watery Sign Scorpio and slowly moves through your 2nd House with Jupiter. The presence of two giants linked with finance and family is a sure-shot indication of huge financial benefits. To your surprise, your account balance is likely to swell, eventually strengthening your financial position. This is a great phase to spend quality time with your family, celebrate your success and make merry!


Relationship with your spouse or partner will be harmonious and your partner is going out of the way to fulfill your wishes. You will receive pleasant news from your spouse. For those who are single, relationship with an old flame is likely to revive. You have to be careful in making important decisions regarding family affairs, upcoming trips and the next level of your relationship.


Don’t put anything off or refuse outside help; instead, improve your capacity to involve others. Team activities that you’re involved in with your colleagues proceed smoothly. Stars here indicate that you will be able to successfully handle the task. Higher ups are to applaud your high level of commitment towards work. You must network with people to develop some new contacts. Keep your budget in check and have proper financial planning.


You will see that there will be more opportunities for profit than ever before. However, you will be in a position to do all that it takes to get there. You may feel overwhelmed with the enormity of your decisions. However, keep a clear head and keep trustworthy people close who can guide on important matters. Consult experts before making big decisions. Overall this week looks hopeful as you have kept patience for long.


You must set yourself a work-schedule that allows you full normal activity, and yet does not put undue strain on your mental and physical resources. If you do not take this precaution, problems of a serious nature may crop up. Celestial bodies and their positions here seem to improve your immune system to quite an extent. Failing health of elders could be a reason of worry, so they should be kept under proper supervision for preventing further complications.

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