Pisces Love Horoscope – Feb 24, 2018

Someone may seem to be eternally evading you, and this is getting to you right now, with the current celestial atmosphere. You may have built up some kind of very dramatic image of this person in your mind, and have also convinced yourself that they are truly awesome, and so cannot understand why they do not want to be closer to you. Today you may get your answer.

Others seem to be worried about your love life more than you are today. You’re not really sure what you’re going to do next, but you trust yourself enough that you’ll know the right thing when you see it. Giving yourself permission to not have a plan for your current relationship can be the best plan of all.

There are myriad possibilities in front of you and giving them time and space to unfold organically is the smartest thing you could do for matters of the heart right now.

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