Scorpio Weekly Horoscope – Apr 16, 2018 – Apr 22, 2018

A relationship could move to a new and more positive level on Monday, and it could seem like the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. In addition, this can be the perfect time for a special date or a meal with a friend that presents you with new opportunities. As intense Pluto, your personal planet, and cautious Saturn enter their retrograde phase, it might be helpful to not to get too obsessed with a certain situation or person. Indeed, the more you can stand back and let matters take their course, the sooner a solution may be found. In addition, the sun’s move into Taurus and your sector of relating allows you to take stock of key associations, friendships, and romantic partnerships and consider how you can improve on matters. On Wednesday, expect the unexpected. A disruption to your routine could work in your favor.


You pride yourself on being a realist, but is it possible that you’re just in love with being in love right now? If you find yourself falling too hard too quickly for someone, the answer to that question might be yes. What’s the rush? Slow down, Scorpio. You’re willing to overlook a lot of faults, but that doesn’t mean you’re blind to reality. Some say you’re too forgiving, but you know what you’re doing.


You’ll make great headway at work and have no problem meeting your deadlines. Expect plenty of cooperation and support no matter what you do. If you have a problem, don’t keep it to yourself. Talk it over with someone. If you work from home, you may feel moved to change your daily routine in order to be more efficient. If you run an online business, you should get good results over the coming days.


The Universe is asking you to assert yourself in your debt sector by making payment arrangements, sending in those checks, and cutting up old credit cards. Meanwhile, there are important messages in your dreams and psychic flashes. As you display your formidable ambition, don’t forget to remain karmically clean. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated in the same position.


You may be more aware of the limitations caused by health issues than of the many possibilities for healing. Try to shift your focus to available treatments, as this may encourage you to think about recovery. You may want to research the unusual and more esoteric methods to discover what’s out there. If you start a fitness routine, you might want to find a workout buddy. The support will be invaluable.

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