Taurus Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

As the month begins, take time out to sit with your loved ones. They will love you more for this! On 2nd and 3rd, domestic matters keep you busy. Are you re-arranging furniture at your residence? Work takes a busy stance, as the weekend approaches. 5th sees you in an enthusiastic mood. You wish to enhance your income, but it would be best to stick to conservative and ethical routes, says Ganesha. A work conflict awaits you on 7th or 8th. Just be as amiable as you can.

Overall, presence of two major planets, Sun and Jupiter, in your 7th House isn’t a good indicator for your long-term relationships – be it marriage, business partnerships or committed/ live-in equations. Just bide your time; this is not a time to take a life-altering decision. Steer clear of arrogant and harsh behavior. On 11th, Jupiter moves to its own Sign – Sagittarius – your 8th House. This is a beginning of a long-term planetary stance; results won’t be manifest immediately. Meanwhile, Mars moving through your 10th House – along with Ketu – will keep you immersed in work activities. Note that some heavy duty cosmic shifting is aligned for the next few days. So, while a lot remains same on surface, there is plenty of internal churning. Stay centered! Around 14th, there’s good news, as Venus becomes direct in Libra.

Mars moves to your 11th House – Pisces. Another positive indication! A major astral lash happens around 16th, when Rahu-Ketu move Signs, taking your 3/9 House axis – in a long-term placement. And, as if this was not enough – Mercury turns retrograde, around the same time. Whew! Naturally, you run for cover – and love comes to your rescue. A new found partner enchants you. Ones playing the field have a ball! Travel plans scheduled, however, may meet some glitches, especially if they are work related. Be careful, and postpone to the next month. Distractions galore! This may make you miss a deadline. Students looking for an employment opportunity to add to their pocket money are advised to stop neglecting their studies; complete your education first! Love, electric physical chemistry and maddening attraction light up your life, as the month ends. Steer clear of temptations, if you are married/ committed.


Strong Venus in company of aggressive Mars will support single ones in having a blissful romance. You will be aroused by your partner to have physical intimacy and you will certainly be on cloud nine. For those in a love already, you will have to bear pain as you have been emotionally hurt by someone you love the most. You may think of calling the relationship off too. You are advised to stay from this person till you heal. After that you must confront him/her with a brave heart. There are possibilities that your loved one will totally be ashamed and seek your forgiveness.


Money can be the root of all evil, they say. Yes, you may experience this as money that will create a huge fight in the family. Seek the counsel of a mediator who is an elder in the family and cease all enmity. As far as money is concerned, you will not have any shortage of it but at the same time you must control impulsive spending. Be prepared for a storm in the mid-month. There will be financial crisis. Since you will experience constraints on inflow of money, be careful about your expenses. Refrain from investments and concentrate on saving.


Mars operating in the sixth house will keep business persons as ambitious as Caesar. You will remain determined to soar over obstacles coming in your way to progress. The meeting of Moon and Mars will certainly help you to make progress. But at the same time ensure that you give enough attention to your mental as well as physical health. Career oriented will not be satisfied with work environment of work place. Neither will you be satisfied with the type of work and assignments allotted to you. You will ponder over the idea of a job change.


Influence of Mars will keep you energized and physically fit. You will be prepared to work even till the late hours of the night. However, one having trouble related to uneven blood pressure needs to be careful by avoiding stressful situations. As the month progresses, you will enjoy a robust health thanks to the change in your lifestyle. If you happen to catch up with issue related to respiratory system, take due preventive measures promptly as advised by physician. You will benefit greatly from the gym and the yoga classes. Maintain the healthy diet.

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