Virgo Horoscope for Aug 21, 2018

With today’s energy, you can take steps toward getting things in order, Virgo. Tackle desk drawers, closets, storage rooms, or filing cabinets. When you create order, you gain a sense of peace and personal control. Mental organization, such as goal planning, brainstorming, or scheduling, will add to this, too. Do what you can to clean out as many mental and physical corners as possible.


You may secretly look down on this kind of day because it means that the sky won’t suddenly open up. Half a dozen aliens won’t come crawling down a ladder asking you to come and marry their leader, who needs a mate on a dying planet to repopulate their world. The planetary aspect at play brings the chance to relax, which may be a unique experience in itself.


Now is your big chance to get ahead. Your overall mood is quite strong, giving you the emotional confidence you need to get your ideas out on the table and see to it that they are brought to fruition. You are unstoppable. You can accomplish anything.


You will probably be frustrated by all the “misfiring” that goes on due to the celestial atmosphere prevailing today. This is a perfect opportunity to learn about yourself and how you respond to frustration. One thing to notice is how the food you eat supports you or sabotages you under circumstances of frustration. Try to reduce your sugar intake and increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, drink plenty of water. With a healthy diet, what once frustrated you could become merely amusing.

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