Virgo Weekly Horoscope – 17/09/2018 – 23/09/2018

For once, it’s a week that you had secretly wished and prayed for! Businessmen are likely to be exhilarated as it’s going to be a win-win situation this week. Repeated calls from a valuable customer, negotiating and cracking important deals shall keep you on toes. A social gathering in the family will give you a chance to unwind, relax and bond with near and dear ones. Meanwhile, do indulge in a personal chat with your sibling; know about their dreams and aspirations for connect better. It’s one of the best phases to exhibit your talent – art, craft, music or dance, showcase it on a larger platform and garner compliments. For couples contemplating parenthood, planets are aligned favourably to grant your wish, and have your own bundle of joy! All’s well for married couples, too. With regard to health, a troubled digestive system may give you sleepless nights; take medicines to recover quickly.


Love makes you do crazy things but there comes a moment when all the madness dies down and you are left with nothing but the truth. Now is that time for you. As you reflect on your past relationships and romantic choices, it is now clear to understand how you got where you currently are right now. Realize whether some changes in your outlook are in order if at all, this week is a subtle reality check on the romantic front this week.


The transition of Venus may help take your business to the next higher level. And growing prospects are the reason for a beaming smile. You will get a good business opportunity but at the same time, chances are that if you are not meticulous in your approach towards new clients and retaining old ones, you may soil it all. Mercury also helps you to have great ideas at work and enhances communication and team-work. That means a cordial relationship at the workplace and an increased productivity.


The cosmos seems well aligned to keep you in a healthy financial position. Still, you may have to manage your finance well as money set aside, for one thing, can’t be used for another. Try to keep a primary goal in mind and then device to achieve your monetary objectives. The way you value your work may help you to attain benefits. Also, you may face mental tensions related to earnings. But all this will pass away with time and long-term budget as well as setting personal financial targets.


On the health front, you need to watch out for colds, coughs or bronchitis, this week. Even a minor ailment related to the respiratory system should be immediately treated, especially, if you have a chronic ailment related to breathing. Excepting this, there are no other health problems indicated this week. Stay well rested and hydrated.

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