10 Signs You’re A Total Virgo

1. You’re highly discriminating.

Some people might call it “picky” or “prudish,” but that’s not it — You, Virgo, simply know exactly what it is that you do, and do not, want.

2. You have a keen eye for pointing out flaws in people/things around you.

It’s not that you’re mean, or harsh — you’re just intuitive, and good at using your analytical skills to assess flaws in a situation or person. You just have to be careful you don’t point them out TOO readily.

3. You’re very, very organized — probably with one notable exception.

Virgos are known as “clean freaks,” but it’s common for them to have ONE place — whether material, like a closet, or in the form of a bad habit — where they’re complete messes.

4. You’re an incurable perfectionist.

Much like Queen Bey (herself a Virgo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, B), almost perfect isn’t good enough for you. You are relentless, ambitious, and highly self-critical — and likely to go far because of it.

5. But sometimes you over-complicate things.

In your conviction that doing things right means doing them a very certain way, you might limit yourself more than is necessary. Virgos have to work extra hard to break routine.

6. It’s easy for you to slip into denial.

Because everything HAS to be OK for a Virgo, sometimes they lie when it really isn’t. This can make it hard for your friends and family to know when something’s bothering you.

7. You’re a realist.

Everyone daydreams, but perhaps no one so little as a Virgo — you’re much more likely to value your daily, real-life experiences over dreaming about things that may never happen.

8. Others seek you out for advice.

Your realism makes you good at common-sense (if sometimes bleak) advice. You’re able to approach things from a nearly objective perspective, which is valuable and rare.

9. … Which can sometimes go to your head.

Virgos can become a bit controlling, but it comes from a good place — they know they’re good at problem solving, so they want to do it for *everything.* A Virgo’s friends might see it differently.

10. You’re very conscious of your body and health.

Virgos are said to be more deeply connected to their bodies than most people. Whether this takes the form of a passion for exercise or nutrition, or a little bit of hypochondria, or just a general interest, Virgos are simply curious about the human body.

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