24 Things You Should Expect When Kissing a Scorpio

Scorpios are a hot belly of emotion. They are sensual lovers. If you like kissing passionately and for long stretches of time, while also exploring your feelings — this could be a good lover for you. Scorpio needs someone that can keep up with them, someone that they can trust and will open up to them. They don’t just go for anyone. They need to be attracted to the person; they put a lot of pressure on what is attractive.

Below are 24 things you should expect when kissing a Scorpio.

1.Don’t do anything you don’t want to do, especially in dating and relationships. You need consent.

2.Make out sessions could last for hours and in spurts. If you’re there for a weekend, expect multiple make-out sessions. You could easily spend most of your weekend just kissing.

3.Hands will roam. Don’t like a hand on your back? Take your hand and move his away.

4.If something bad happens, like you run into each other’s teeth, he’ll take a moment, then fix you back up into kissing. Don’t get sad over running into someone’s teeth.

5.You can stay making out without going to the next stop for hours. You can also tell when his mind has moved on, and you can tell him — hey, I just want to make out.

6.Don’t say anything to hurt his ego or make him jealous. Scorpios are a very jealous kind. Don’t mess with that. You make him jealous — the kissing will stop.

7.They like to be teased a little bit. Use resistance as a way to attract.

8.They’ll lead, and don’t mind you jumping in there a touch. Leading is nice.

9.He likes feeling your body. He’s already kissing you because he was attracted to you a long time ago.

10.Neck kissing will be a +.

11.You’ll feel like it’s a kiss attack.

12.You’ll probably laugh and feel extremely natural. There will be a good flow to the make-out session.

13.Expect more kisses after you’ve stopped for a moment.

14.Scorpios like for their mates to stay if they really like them.

15.Scorpios are faithful, they’ll give you passion if they think you’ll stick.

16.Don’t make fun of them. You’ll ruin it.

17.Give them a massage on the back while they kiss you.

18.Squeeze them and draw them in closer.

19.Expect cuddles.

20.Expect handholding.

21.Expect surprises.

22.Expect a lot of passion that some people just don’t have, even if he is usually your lovable couch potato.

23.Make him wait till he starts rambling about kissing to you. He’ll text you, talk to you, and beg you for kisses if you wait long enough. That means he really likes you.

24.Get the kisses out of your system. You’ll be able to sleep when it is over.

My Experience Kissing People With This Astrological Sign

Kissing is a lot of fun with people like this, and they want it to be fun and comfortable with you. I didn’t feel awkward at all with a Scorpio. I felt comfortable and also really loved. This zodiac sign knew how to make me feel secure, and also make sure I was happy with the overall pacing. Are all Scorpios like this? Probably not. But I can assure you the passion is there. Scorpios are fixed water signs; they are known for having the widest emotional range of all. With emotion, comes some kissin’. You can bet Pisces or Cancer will also have some strengths when it comes to swapping spit. Water signs will have a nice languid rhythm to their kissing. With a Scorpio, the kissing feels like it has no end. There is a great deal of depth, and you’ll feel like all you want is more. They’ll take residence inside your brain — you won’t be able to stop thinking about their kisses, and it might creep into your dreams too.

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