5 Facts that only PISCES will understand…

People born between February 19 and March 20 have a peculiar way of seeing and facing the world and its vicissitudes that make them special. They become the center of attention of the whole world, even without looking for it and make them the media stars of each meeting. They are especially nice and everybody loves them, but now you can find out why this happens to each and every one of the Pisces you know.

1. You think of many things at once

You are a person with a mind always occupied, so you are not able to focus only on a single issue. That does not mean you are unable to finish anything, but you have to do several things at once. It may be because of the high capacity that allows you to do a human multitasking and solve everything in an organized and at the same time. That is why people, when they ask you what you think, simply do not know which of the multiple things in which you occupy your time must be revealed.

2. You fall in love with a lot of intensity

You are a very sentimental person, very enamored. You live each relationship of your life in a very intense way as if everything revolved around the person with whom you live. This usually makes you experience extasiantes that allow you to reach high levels of happiness. Of course, you also risk a lot, because you end up depending on that other person. The problem arises when people do not understand why you launch to love in such a deep way ALWAYS.

3. You were always not punctual

Even though you love traveling, you never get there in time. Either because of a traffic jam or because you fell asleep, your friends know that you will end up arriving late. What they do not know is that you are a person who only wants to enjoy life at all times, from every moment, regardless of what an object does that stops turning. Of course, if you arrive at your time you will always end up telling everyone that this time you did manage to arrive on time and you will demand that you be recognized for your merit. Although it is only an isolated case that may not be repeated in a long time.

4. Always smiling even if you suffer

If you had to look for an analogy you would always be the sad clown. With a smile even if you are dying inside, to avoid unnecessary suffering to those who appreciate you. It is therefore strange for someone who is not a Pisces to understand how a person as happy as you may have some kind of problems. The truth is that this situation makes you macerate every conflict until it explodes, so it is not too good to keep everything. Nothing happens if others help you from time to time.

5. You always say yes

It’s too hard for you to say no. And it does not mean that you are a tremendously positive person, that also, but that you do not want to hurt anyone. This would mean that you prefer to do something that you do not want before you disappoint the person who asks you for some favor. That’s why you usually plague your agenda of infinite absurd plans and, in some cases, opposed to each other. Of course, do not usually do the same with you when the occasion is reversed.

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