9 Distinct Virgo Characteristics That ‘SCREAM’ Virgo

1 – Virgos really don’t like to be nagged or ‘told what to do’

A Virgo doesn’t need you getting all up in their face telling them what they should be doing and nagging them about things 24/7

Chances are they already know exactly what needs to be done and are already in the process of doing it so get off their back about it okay!?

2 – When a Virgo loves they love HARD

Virgos can take a while to open up but when they fall for someone man do they fall hard.

They also work extremely hard to make sure that the relationship is not only fun and exciting but also one that lasts.

3 – But if you let them down they WONT come crawling back

Yes, Virgos may love hard but if you let go of them don’t be so sure that they will come running back begging you to reconisder.

Virgos are more than capable of moving on in life and can and will do so if you show signs that you’re not really that committed.

4 – Virgos have a WILD side… but only share it with a lucky few

Virgos can be quite guarded at times but if you get close to them then you might be lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of their wild side.

Every now and then they like to do something totally crazy and off the wall just to break the routine of life.

5 – Virgos notice everything and know more than most people think.

Virgos are keen observers and pay attention to all sorts of details that others overlook.

Often they’ll notice things in situations that just fly right over other people’s heads.

6- Virgos are relentless over-thinkers.

Virgos clever nature can be of great benefit to them in life however it can also be their worst enemy too leading them to relentlessly overthink things.

Sometimes Virgos just need to remind themselves to ‘shut their brain off’ from time to time so that they can recharge their batteries.

7 – Virgos are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve themselves.

Virgos are always researching and studying up on ways to better them self.

They know the power of knowledge and are constantly motivating themselves to learn new things that their will improve their overall quality of life.

8 – Virgos don’t have to be ‘over the top’ to get attention and they definitely don’t ‘fake it’ for people.

Virgos can attract attention without being super loud or over the top… often without even trying.

They have a naturally suave demeanor that attracts those around them without them having to put on some kind of act.

9 – Virgos are the definition of loyal and dependable.

Virgo knows how to get things done and when they say they’re going to do something… you better believe that they are going to do it!

Those closest to a Virgo just know that they can depend on them.

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