Aquarius Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

You shall manage to organize funds to initiate debt repayments, early in the month. With Saturn present in your 12th House, you must plan your finances with a long-term view, keeping enough provision for contingencies. There may be some ongoing issues in your marital life, or in a partnership business. Try your best to mitigate the situation. Ones studying must do their best to devote ample time to revision. It seems, however, that you are not giving due attention to your health and fitness.

Watch out! This is a heavy duty month for planetary changes – so you must remain centered and conserve your energies. Around 3rd/ 4th, Mercury shifts to your 11th House, while retrograde Venus re-enters your 9th House – Libra. On 5th, sit down to review a recent business loss; seek the reason behind this setback. Is it to do with the negligence and lack of commitment on your or your team’s part? Retrograde Venus in your 9th House now reveals the true colors of some of your key people. Learn your lessons! Sun and Jupiter in the 10th House promise progress. 8th and 9th are positive days. In a noteworthy cosmic move, around 11th, Jupiter enters your 11th House. Saturn continues its journey through your 12th House.

Mars soon moves to your 2nd House, becoming your savior. Venus too becomes direct. Quite notably, around 17th, Rahu enters Cancer – your 6th House, while Ketu enters Capricorn – your 12th House. Later, Mercury turns retrograde. Whew! On 19th, curiosity makes you explore unexplored territories. There is a likelihood of your missing out on an important point, or making errors; double check. If you have been contemplating buying a new gadget, this is not the right time. In relationships, communicate your issues and listen to your partner. Around 24th, Sun moves to Sagittarius – your 11th. On 26th, a complex task leaves you restless. Don’t hesitate in seeking assistance, suggests Ganesha. As the month draws to a close, you feel a strong urge to make a mark, and curate a grand lifestyle. As Jupiter is combust and Mercury is retrograde now – just stay prepared for delays.


This month lovers will be in a tight spot. Nothing seems to be moving right for you. Those in love will not be allowed to marry the person of your choice by your family members. This will make you elope with your sweetheart and get married. Thankfully the planets will support you on this count. You will not face any hitches. You are advised to maintain harmony with your close ones in a family relations no matter how grave the differences may be. Avoid any sort of negative approach. Do not ignore the feelings of a loved one as it can mar the relationship.


A favorable month for finances for the natives of this sign. You will be financially very comfortable. Jupiter, the planet of abundance will fill your lap with immense resources. You will feel elated at the inflow of money. Besides your regular income, you will earn from the other sources too. Your pockets will always be full the month long. You will reap the rich harvest of your previous savings. Do not let this make you spend without any limit. Keep a tab on your expenses. Now is the right time to spend on the needs and comforts of your family.


Both business persons and those in employment sector will have a smooth journey this month. As Venus is in a perfect position, you will enjoy your work and progress well. Business person must look out for an important negotiation coming up. This month will be a month of signing deals with high worth customers. However, be careful while making agreements. Those employed will win the appreciation from their immediate boss. This will further motivate you to put up effective performance. You will feel pretty secured. At the same time you may feel over confident and this can affect your output.


The month begins on a pleasant note. You will remain in good health for most of the month. There is no major threat foreseen to your well-being. However, if you have a heavy work schedule, you must find time to relax and rejuvenate as over exertion can tire you out easily. Follow a hobby that you like, to refresh you. You may suffer from pain in joints. Take rich calcium based food and supplements. You will get respite from a long illness due to an alternative medication. In case some unexpected issue crops up, do not panic. Seek help from a doctor to combat it effectively.

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