Aries Weekly Horoscope For 02/04 – 08/04

Should you stay or should you go? You might have a lengthy list of reasons why you’re better off staying where you are in a particular area or ‘bettering a certain devil’ you know. However, circumstances could dictate a clean break from a tired routine is needed, and the fresh start it offers could be very appealing. Although you’re not encouraged to make an instant decision this week, it could become clear you have options to consider. Ensure your reasons for wanting to instigate a change are yours and not influenced by someone else’s needs or opinions.


As easy as it can be to take something at face value in your emotional world or within a close partnership, it’s important you make an effort to start reading between the lines in some way. That doesn’t necessarily mean something deceitful is waiting to be discovered. It means a new line of communication needs to be opened and this could be essential to steering focus in a new way to the future. If any issues get raised that have been suppressed or concealed, then that can only be good news.


This is the kind of week where, getting to the end and seeing how things had panned out, you may have done things differently. If you had a chance for a do over you would get to the week realising that you should have worried less, stressed less and you definitely wouldn’t have sweated the small stuff. However, you don’t need a do over, with a chance to start that way first time around. The reason why there is a danger of starting the week with the wrong impression, is that you begin the week with the Moon in opposition with all three planets in your career sector. Yet any professional pressure or work/life balance tension this might create will drop back by Tuesday, revealing this as nothing more than a work/life balance reminder. By the time the Moon returns to your work sector on Thursday you should be flying, with Venus’ return to your income sector on Saturday kicking off the most lucrative months of the year.


Some ghosts of the past never leave you. Slightest window and they creep up to dig that gory history. And your history has not been so good in terms of health. Some old issues, that seemed to have been cured, are staging a comeback to haunt you. Consult your physician promptly as soon as you start experiencing symptom of coming trouble.

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