Aries Weekly Horoscope, May 7 to May 13

The week ahead could encourage you to tackle certain issues head-on. On Monday, there’s a possibility of a clash with someone in authority, and you might be tempted to say exactly what you think. But with lovely Venus angling toward nebulous Neptune on the same day, things may not be quite as they seem. If you can wait a day or so, you may find that conversations flow much more easily and bring more positive results.

Money matters look encouraging on Tuesday, when a delightful tie between the sun and upbeat Jupiter hints at an unexpected windfall. It might be small, but it could still make you smile.

The end of the week could pave the way for new developments. With the sun aligning with potent Pluto on Friday, a decision might result in positive changes to your circumstances. You may be itching for new experiences over the weekend and be eager to try something different.


You’re the type who wants what you want when you want it, but romance doesn’t always work that way. Being patient might not come easily, but love will find you when it’s ready (and not a minute sooner), so stop trying to speed up the process. Leaving things until the last minute turns up the excitement level over the weekend, which is just where you like it. You don’t have to make plans to have a good time.


This period could bring you to a crossroads in your work life. A time of delay and frustration is ending. It’s time for action. Detailed planning and analysis of your situation will establish the best foundation. You’re especially strong in group meetings and event logistics. Tolerate negative feedback from customers or co-workers. This time is fantastic for any new start. Especially favored are legal matters or marketing yourself or a product.


This is one time when you’ll be glad you created a health routine that you like and are used to. It’s automatic, even during the challenging times. You may be put through your paces once again, so give yourself a chance to rest more, if you can. Let your workouts and healthy eating give you the resilience you need to face whatever comes.

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