Cancer Love Horoscope – Feb 25, 2018

If you had planned on going out with a loved one, don’t expect everything to go smoothly, as today’s favorable aspect could mean that quite a few unexpected events will occur. However, if you can cope with the disruption, this won’t actually be a bad thing, and may even be very positive, as you meet up with others who may change your lives in significant ways.

Your imagination seems to rule your thoughts today as you look deeply at your visions of love in the context of the future of a special romantic relationship. However, your fantasies will not sustain you for long because you want to see some action and make positive changes with the one you love. Take time to finish up important tasks early in the day so that later on you can ponder the mysteries of love and life. You’ll be ready to share your big ideas for your next passionate adventure with someone special in your world very soon.


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