Cancer Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

Be strong and tenacious, and don’t let anyone’s harsh behavior or comments bog you down. Have confidence in yourself, and those you truly matter! By 2nd or 3rd, your faith will be restored. Success makes you happy, nicely diverting your mind from what’s not working at the moment. On 5th, home and loved ones top your mind space. Are you thinking about a bigger, more luxurious home? Things are slower than usual, given retrogression of Venus, so your dreams may have to wait for some more time.

Stay calm and sorted, while handling the rough weather on the personal front too. Try a refreshing activity to soothe your senses on 9th or 10th. Business requires extra effort at this time. Around 11th, Jupiter moves to Sagittarius – your 6th House. This is a long-term planetary move, results of which will manifest over the coming months. On surface, for now, you won’t notice much effect of this, as you remain immersed in sorting your closest relations. Things noticeably get better, as soon Venus turns direct in Libra – your 4th House. You will feel more in command of your skills – at work too. If you are a student, Ganesha has a reason for you to smile.

With Sun moving through your 5th House, expect good tidings in education, romance, creative activities and skill-building. By 17th, there’s a lot happening on the cosmic front – with Mars entering Pisces, Mercury turning retrograde – and most notably, Rahu entering your Sign and Ketu moving to Capricorn – your 7th House. On 19th, the good old Moon compels you to become active on the career front. Mars, too, shall help a great deal in this regard. Entrepreneurs will be supported too. Love blooms, and your home life gets smoother. Isn’t life perfect? Enjoy to the hilt! For marriage, sadly, things may not be all rosy – as your spouse may not be responsive. Well, nothing is impossible, if you try, hints Ganesha. By 24th, Sun moves to your 6th House.

Take care of your health and well-being. On 26th and 27th, avoid getting into conflicts with your bosses and superiors at work. Belligerence won’t help you! As the month ends, you are thinking about a home improvement project. Or, planning to propose a beloved? Good going.


Love birds keen to take relationship to next level by tying knots need to wait before proposing. Once Jupiter is out from the state of combustion, you can go ahead. Well that is possible only after a fortnight. In regard to differences if any in relationship, you need to be more accommodative and accept views of concerned person to maintain harmony as well as warmth in the relationship. Single ones will have strong urges to enjoy a no-strings-attached sensual pleasure with a like-minded individual.


Encouraging financial buildup will keep your moods high this week. The desire of leading a comfortable life without cutting corners will tempt you to stay focused and motivated to move ahead in your efforts to make more money. Two benefices making home in the fifth house is a sure indication of a surge in inflow of money for you. Keeping a check on unnecessary expenses and judicious financial planning will enable you to save for the future. However, do not be a miser when it comes to buying the necessities for the family.


Mars and Venus directly influence you and this will prompt you to be busier in your occupation related matters. You will be shown more avenues to venture into in order to expand your business. Business men will strike great deals that will make a huge difference in your profits. Those employed will look out for a new job wherein you can showcase your strength and skills. For this, you will receive ample support from planets. The new job will hold more lucrative promises.


Your health is in your hands. Unfortunately this time round you are stressed and this is playing a havoc on your health. An hour a day for yourself can do wonders. De-stress yourself by reading books or listening to music. Many of you will find respite after a long period of illness. Maintain your health by making a change in your lifestyle. Avoid overeating and junk food. Good eating habits will keep all problems at bay. Maintain he exercise regime. Towards the end of the month, you will be prone to respiratory infections. Try alternative therapy.

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