Capricorn Horoscope for Aug 13, 2018

Your imagination should be flying high today, Capricorn, and your creative juices flowing freely. Exceptional ideas for projects involving writing, music, or painting could pop into your head during the day. Start on one and list the others so you can refer to them later. Don’t be surprised if you find your intuition increasing as well. Make the most of it all, and have fun.


Ideas and brainstorming sessions today spark off the kind of atmosphere between you and another that can only be described as high energy. What you realize under the influence of the planetary configuration is that there is someone else in the world who also thinks in the same zany, weird, and uniquely original way that you do. And later you intend to prove it goes deeper than thoughts alone.


When friction arises in the workplace, your immediate reaction may be to blame someone else. Look at yourself first before you point a finger at someone else. You are better off being the bigger person and admitting your own mistakes.


Give into your desire to exercise! You will feel the pull right now to get to the gym or get out of the house for refreshing walks or runs, and it’s important to seize these urges and act upon them. Your body is crying out for energy renewal. And let’s face it, you have to spend energy in order to get energy. You may also want to consider doing yoga or other stretching and deep breathing excercises. You will notice a rise in energy and a rise in your spirits!

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