Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

The month begins on a happy note, mostly thanks to your personal dedication and concerted efforts to keep everything in top shape. Your financial health remains sound; you remain attentive to the needs and aspirations of partners, younger ones and sibling/s. Benevolent Jupiter has a direct aspect over your 5th House. This is indicative of the cosmic support for couples eager to bear a child. Around 2nd, Mercury shifts to your 12th House, while Venus, in retrogression, re-enters Libra – your 10th House.

On 5th, an amazingly lucrative deal may fall in your lap, though its finalization may be delayed. You can look forward to a great time at the personal front, too. If you are in love, planets are likely to encourage you to get hitched. On 10th and 11th, education, spirituality and higher learning enchant you. At this time, in a long-term move, Jupiter enters its own Sign, Sagittarius – your 12th House. On 12th, you feel a bit unsure; this makes you hesitant, in making commitments. A religious ceremony or visit is foreseen for 13th/ 14th. In days that ensue, lots of cosmic movement is in store. Venus, considered your biggest ally, becomes direct. Mars moves to your 3rd – Pisces. You now march ahead with bountiful confidence.

Most notably, around 17th, Rahu moves to Cancer – your 7th House – and Ketu enters your Sign. Soon enough, Mercury turns retrograde. What an astral hustle! Mercury, Mars and Venus ensure immediate effects, while Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter will take their own sweet time. On 19th and 20th, you obviously are quite a flitter – unable to stay set on any one idea. By the way, you have a soft corner for someone in office. Don’t you? Well, the feelings are becoming stronger and deeper, as Venus is sending its arrows right, left and center! Get ready for an exciting love life! In business, on 23rd, you come across a good prospect, but converting may be a challenge. In job, be careful with words and numbers, for mistakes may cost you dearly. Around 24th, Sun moves to Sagittarius. On 26th, you are juggling responsibilities. Expenses rise! Although you try your best to keep misapprehensions at bay, problems keep coming back. Being positive will help.


If you are single and in love, you will get a positive response from a colleague of the opposite s…x to get physically intimate. You will be surprised at your level of compatibility and you will decide to take your relationship higher. A fruitful and romantic time is foreseen for you. Those who had been in a long term relationship will bind together in the holy ceremony of marriage. Positive, well positioned cohesive forces work well in developing and maintaining warmth and harmony in relationships. The last week of the month will be rough. Tempest will rise and you will have difficulty in steadying your boat of love.


Three major planets linked with gains will usher in good news of financial bliss and happiness. Remain alert of the various opportunities that will come your way. These opportunities, if grabbed, will make you prosper. Well aligned benefices will help you get handsome gains that will enliven you. You will need to spend on your comforts. With malefic Ketu in the second house, you will continue struggling hard to hoard more and more money. Do not neglect your health. Plan your finances with long-term view and make enough provision for emergency.


Do not hold back if you find your path to succeed littered with obstacles and difficulties. It is a testing time to make you more confident. Mars will keep you active and add to your vivacity. Planetary positions portend that hard work and extended hours will keep you on your feet. Cohesive influence of Jupiter over the seventh house will help you to sail through. Business person will have nothing different here. You are advised to go with the flow of work. Those employed will be appreciated and recognized for the hard work.


This week you will have nothing major to worry about in matters related to your health. You will enjoy a sound mental and physical health. Build up your immunity in order to stay clear from communicable diseases. Health issue related to respiratory system may affect you. Make some changes in your lifestyle to improve your health. Diabetic needs to be careful. Do not deviate from the diet prescribed by your physician. Your good mood combined with regular exercise will keep you fit as a fiddle.

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