Gemini Horoscope for Aug 13, 2018

Romance should be going beautifully for you today, Gemini. Your romantic partner looks especially attractive and probably is in a great mood. You might decide to attend a lecture together or plan a weekend getaway. Communication between you is open, honest, supportive, and loving. Don’t let this day pass you by. Make sure you get together. This could end up being a day to remember.


There is a lot of talk going on today, and that is all it may remain if it is not starting off some kind of action. With the energy from today’s astral alignment, you have plenty to say, in a style that doesn’t mince any words. You want a certain romantic connection to move in a specific direction. Whilst the talking may set the scene, you need a more direct approach to make it work.


You are on solid ground to feel free to take that next giant step up the mountain. Other people will be there to support you if you slip. Most likely, however, you will be able to handle everything just fine on your own – so don’t worry.


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