Gemini Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

Money is on your mind on the 1st. Avoid short term travel for work or business on 2nd and 3rd, as it may largely be fruitless. Work remains busy and frenzied, though. On 4th, a younger sibling needs your guidance and support. Be there! 5th and 6th brings minor setbacks on the financial and personal fronts. You may be surprised or hurt by someone’s unexpected behavior or stance. By 7th, you may be grumpy, but the New Moon from 8th will surely bring you out of the blues. Cash on the positives that rally around you – look carefully. Don’t neglect your health, at any cost, at this time. By 11th, a major planetary change is taking place. Jupiter moves to Sagittarius – your 7th House. Results will manifest over the next one year. By 12th, you seem to be getting restless.

Is it about the laggard career growth? Continue relentlessly, as learning and hard work will always keep you in good stead. Soon enough, many cosmic changes take place- which will improve things considerably. While Venus becomes direct in Libra – your 5th House, Mars moves to Pisces – your 10th. Most notably, Rahu moves to Cancer whereas Ketu enters Capricorn, as both now traverse over your 2/8 House axis. Last, but probably the most notoriously (in terms of immediate results), Mercury turns retrograde in your 7th House. Be very careful with your words and expressions, especially when it concerns your confirmed, precious relations.

Thankfully, the picture is bright and lovely on 19th and 20th, what with Venus making your life charming and love-infused. It’s also an excellent time for creative activities and some sizzling bedroom chemistry. Just stay amicable and flexible, though. By 24th, Sun also joins the planetary party in your 7th House. Business partnerships and marriage related stuff come to the fore-front. On 26th, are you thinking of making some extra money? Well, nice, but don’t go the unethical or untrusted route. Illusions are likely, so stay guarded. At home, discontent and disconnect may leave you dazed; try to settle the matters amicably. Be the big-hearted, forgiving one in your precious equations.


Planetary positions here seem perfectly aligned to support single to enjoy those cozy moments with opposite s…x of choice. However, by the second week, you will be busy in household matters and not give enough time to your relationship. For those in a relationships, there will be differences and arguments may follow. You must avoid resorting back. Raise your level of compatibility and tend to resolve differences if any in amicable way. One already in love relationship will be coaxed by the partner to get married. You may ask the planets if the time is right. Well, go ahead the time is very favourable.


Venus portends good times in matters related to monetary gains. There are opportunities coming your way leading to handsome monetary gains for you. The gain will remain steady and keep you cheerful throughout the month. You will be like the farmer who kills the golden goose and in the craze for acquiring wealth, deviate from ethical practices to earn more money. However, doing this can be a great risk and you may be arrested by the law. You will be motivated to seek comforts in life


Position of planets here will enable business person to rise over competitors and clinch good profitable deal. Decline in sales will get you worried. Reevaluate your strategies and see if there are any loop holes. Try to increase sales with a little incentives. Once Jupiter comes out of combust state, things will improve for you. Employed one will be motivated to perform with improved efficiency. Team work will help you to deal with challenges and get success. You are advised to use your latent talent to keep your superiors satisfied. Improve your awareness and stay mentally alert at all times while working on important projects.


This is a great month for you for your state of well-being and you will be filled with vivacity to lead a hectic life. No serious threat to your physical well-being is foreseen for now. However, if you have pain in joints, you need to take due care. Planetary positions indicate possible trouble for diabetic. The festive season has already tempted you with the sweets. Now it is time to strictly follow diet instruction of physician for good. Go for morning walks and detox yourself by drinking warm water in the mornings. Minor cold will trouble you. Remain watchful about symptoms.

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