Gemini Weekly Horoscope, May 7 to May 13

As expressive Mercury, your guide planet, angles toward powerful Pluto on Monday, you may find it hard to see eye to eye with a friend. However, this aspect is temporary, so you might discover that if you leave your conversation until Tuesday, when the sun links to upbeat Jupiter, the outcome will be much more productive.

Friday could bring some powerful insights that help you let go of a deep-seated issue that has held you back in the past. The sun aligns with fervent Pluto, so a desire for change could encourage you to discuss this matter with a trusted confidant. You may be able to release it as a result.

Things could take a surprising turn when lively Mercury aligns with eccentric Uranus in your social sector on Sunday. An unexpected encounter could prove deeply fascinating. Something this person shares with you could change your life for the better.


That infamous Gemini restlessness rears its ugly head again. The good news is that you’re single, so you can do just about anything you desire. However, the bad news is that you’re single, so you have no partner in crime. Love sometimes seems like a no-win situation, but it’s bound to get better. A chance romantic encounter over the weekend is proof that there is hope. Set aside your cynicism long enough to see the amazing possibilities.


Enjoy an easy flow of ideas and the good opinion of bosses and co-workers. You can make small changes that spark long-term, positive results. Avoid signing important papers now. There could be hidden problems. This is a positive period for making collections. If you want to make a change, this time brings an opportunity to face your fears and make a leap. A supervisor or manager may be suddenly critical or challenging.


This could be a nerve-wracking time. In pursuing peace and inner calm, you may be drawn to new ideas and philosophies that help you work through issues with minimum fuss. Some of these may include guidelines for a healthier lifestyle, including diet and exercise advice. You may be drawn to a way of living that harmoniously blends the spiritual with the physical.

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