How Each Zodiac Has Grown As A Person Over October 2018


You have realized the importance of releasing your emotions. You know you cannot keep pretending to be strong. You cannot act like everything is fine when you are falling apart inside. You are allowed to feel lost and alone — and you see that now. It takes strength to express that type of vulnerability.


This last month, you spent a lot of time hating yourself and feeling bad about yourself — and you realized you do not want to feel that way ever again. Now, you are ready to reach out for help. You are ready to take steps toward healing. You are ready to focus on your mental health because it would be dangerous to ignore it for any longer.


You are learning to take responsibility for your actions. You are no longer placing the blame onto everyone else. You know you are not perfect. You know you have made mistakes. You know you are not an angel. Instead of being pissed at yourself for everything you have done wrong, you should be proud of yourself for being mature enough to admit your wrongdoings.


This last month, you suffered from loneliness, but it helped you realize how much you are capable of achieving on your own. You are more independent than you give yourself credit for. Even though you used to doubt yourself, you proved to yourself that you are able to survive on your own.


Lately, you have given up the perfect act. You realize you have flaws you need to work on and that is not a bad thing. That is a good thing. That means you are willing to improve yourself. That means you are ready to take steps forward instead of stubbornly hovering in the same place.


This last month, you have adjusted your goals and your standards. Moving forward, you are refusing to settle for less than you deserve because you have surrounded yourself with toxicity for longer than you would like to admit. You are finally walking around with the level of confidence you always pretended to have, but this time it is real.


Sick of remaining in the same place and dealing with the same problems month after month, you are finally ready to step outside of your comfort zone. You are ready to let your guard down, to take risks, to chase after what you want. You are placing more trust in yourself than you ever have before.


You have stopped lying to yourself. You have stopped putting up a front. You are slowly learning more about yourself, about what you want from the future, and about why you are unhappy in the present. That knowledge is going to help you on your journey forward.


Lately, you have been rearranging your priorities. You have stopped putting toxic people first. You have stopped caring deeply about things that will not even matter a year from now. You are finally placing yourself at the forefront. You are finally practicing self-love.


You have been unhappy with the amount of progress you have been making this past year and are finally taking the steps to change that. You are ready to put in effort. You are ready to do what it takes to succeed. You are putting more energy into your goals and you are going to be rewarded for that.


You have begun the process of forgiving yourself. You are no longer apologetic about what others put you through. You are realizing not everything is your fault. Sometimes you are not the one to blame. Sometimes you did nothing wrong, nothing to earn the pain you were given.


You have realized you do not have to be active every second of the day. You are allowed to rest. You are allowed to give yourself a breather. Constantly moving is dangerous and you realize that now. You are starting to realize your limits. You are starting to take better care of your mental health.

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