Leo Horoscope for Aug 19, 2018

Leo, consider that artistic expression can happen in many ways. It isn’t always about drawing a picture, singing a song, playing music, or acting. The way you arrange your home or workspace is an artistic expression, as are how you dress and do your hair. Each thing you do is an expression of your style. You are uniquely artistic. Enjoy this gift today.


There has to be a very good reason why you haven’t been able to be honest with someone close to you. This is being highlighted today by the planetary configuration. There is a good reason why you may have felt that you can’t speak openly, but if you are to be happy, you need to be able to talk about what is stopping you from being completely truthful.


Now is a good time to look for employment that gives you the opportunity to utilize your tremendous creative abilities. You can easily excel in jobs that bring out your artistic and imaginative qualities. Don’t let these wonderful gifts go to waste.


The predominant energy running through the planets these days gives you a subtle joy in your spirit. This lovely feeling can be enhanced through attending social and cultural events with friends or loved ones. When you are in these situations, to look and feel your best try concentrating on your posture. The way you stand can have a great effect on how you feel and how others feel around you. Posture effects how you breathe, and this is key.

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