Leo Horoscope for Aug 21, 2018

Leo, if there’s something interesting that you’ve wanted to try, this is a great day for it. Adventure brings excitement, creative flow, and energy, which are essential to you. You’re highly artistic. Continual stimulation is required to keep your psyche healthy. Experience something new today, even if it’s a walk in a new place. You’ll get the adrenaline you need.


This is the kind of day when you can quite safely invite your mother around to meet your loved one, and possibly the rest of the family too. There is the guarantee of no scenes, no embarrassing displays of behavior, just genteel cucumber sandwiches on the lawn and talk of what a wonderful couple you make. Such days are rare – use it to your advantage.


Plan an event or a meeting in which you can showcase your talents. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Oftentimes, your hard work gets lost in the shuffle behind others who are more arrogant about their achievements. You deserve praise too.


The planetary alignment today makes you feel ever ready to take on the next phase of your personal development. Spiritually, emotionally, physically – whatever development you are focused on right now, today’s aspect will help you take the lead. Yoga is a practice that combines all of those areas into one – practiced on a daily basis, yoga can help you make the most of this transit. You have about ten days left – don’t miss out! Prepare yourself with water intake before you practice.

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