Leo Horoscope for Aug 23, 2018

Today is your day, Leo, so live it up! If it seems like things have been rather intense lately, don’t worry, they’re apt to lighten up quite a bit today. Feel free to be your usual jolly self, the one who adds humor to the group. Your laughter will be appreciated. Come into the forefront. Bring things up to your level and you’ll find that others willingly join you there.


Even you, the most solid and dependable person in the zodiac, occasionally have your off days. Today’s planetary configuration indicates that you have the chance to change something that has needed some attention. If this concerns your partner, then you have to be careful how you tread. The floor is slippery and you don’t want any accidents. How you say what you have to say is vital.


You are feeling extra sensitive and it seems that everyone else is being extra critical. This is not a good combination no matter how you look at it. Don’t set your expectations too high. Maintain a steady pace and try not to make any big waves.


Today’s planetary alignment impels you to focus your intentions on something physical and real. One way to express this is to start taking your physical health seriously. Are you still finding excuses rather than getting the regular exercise your body requires? Are you drinking enough water to stay hydrated all the time? Are you looking for healthy food when you go grocery shopping? Healthy habits can be formed during this transit.

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