Leo Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

Value long-term gains and intangible, humane benefits over quick, material albeit momentary profits, tell you the stars, as the month begins. You are determined to boost your prospects, but it would be best to move ahead after deliberation and planning, says Ganesha. 3rd and 4th are days asking you to focus on self-growth and health. Review your current lifestyle, and make the needed changes. On 5th, you are brimming with physical drive and desire.

Go slow, as you may lad into trouble; don’t trust anyone new. With Jupiter and Sun both in your 10th House, you seem to be quite assured about work and professional arena. This leaves you with free time; use it wisely. Avoid work travel on 6th or 7th. 8th is all about home and family. Be there! If you are a student, stars indicate a great time for you. Around 11th, Jupiter shifts to its own Sign Sagittarius – your 5th House. This is a good move, results of which will manifest in the coming one year. More planetary changes take place now. For business persons, some tough competition awaits on 15th/ 16th. Take the challenge! At work, you slog to be in the good books of your boss. Venus soon becomes direct, bringing you great relief.

Mars makes a move, while Mercury becomes retrograde. And, quite notably, Rahu moves to Cancer, your 12th House, and Ketu moves to Capricorn, your 6th House. This is a long-term cosmic alignment, so results may not immediately manifest. On 19th, you meet someone influential – or your social contacts add up. As Venus transits through Libra – your 3rd House, you are attracted towards things you like to do (hobbies, probably long forgotten). You share a wonderful bond with your sibling/s. Watch your coffers! On 26th, an additional expense makes you jittery. Sun has moved to Sagittarius now – which brings you popularity. But, Jupiter becomes combust here – so your luck may flounder a bit. Things may not be all rosy, but stay positive and optimistic. Rest assured, though, as the month ends on a happy note.


There will some severe misunderstandings in the mind of single about loved one. One word will lead to another and the issue is likely to go out of proportion. Let time clear the cloud of disbelief and rejuvenate relationship. Single one will remain busier with occupation related activities here. You will have no inclination to shape romantic relationship with opposite s…x. Even if you do so, you will hesitate in making long term commitment in newly found love. In regard to issue if any in relationship try to handle the same much tactfully and with due delicacy.


Your financial aspirations will be driven by your firm resolution to add more strength to your already strong monetary condition. Combination of Saturn and Mercury will make you wiser at managing money matters. It is essential to set your short term and long term goals and work to achieve them. Expenses related to family will increase and you will spend lot of money. One good news is that towards the end of the month, your past investments repay a rich harvest in the form of cash. On the other hand opportunity to make monetary gains will also increase.


Business person will be filled with a desire to plunge into risky ventures in order to increase profits. You will consider signing a partnership deal. Yes, it is worth the try as you will expand the business at a much faster pace. You will also sign a deal that you had eyed for a long time. However, be careful and do not be in a hurry. Read all the clauses well. Those employed will perform very well. You will guided by a mentor. You will be keen in getting a promotion and an increment. You will have to work for extended hours at times.


The month will begin with issue related to digestive disorder and acidity reflux. This can be due to hectic work schedule and of course lack of proper food and sleep. Changing your lifestyle can help to root out the issue. There seems a possibility of health issue related to respiratory system catching up with you. Avoid visiting place where air pollution is of high level. Your immunity level being low, you are prone to infections. Practice yoga and pranayama daily. This is a good month to start the exercises that you had been planning for long.

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