Leo Weekly Horoscope For 02/04 – 08/04

Superman never required much time to prepare himself when his help was needed. Within seconds, he went from being bumbling Clark Kent to leaping tall buildings in a single bound. This week, you could discover you have more physical and mental energy at your disposal. Circumstances could demand you react or respond quickly. However, having so much energy available could mean you’re overly optimistic about applying it. Be careful what you promise and how quickly you can deliver it. Superman came from another planet. You come from Earth where rules exist surrounding overblown promises that can’t be fulfilled – to ourselves and others!


Pushing aside numerous distractions in your emotional world and focusing on one important lesson you’re encouraged to connect with might not be easy. It’s possible you were so keen recently to put an end to one long, drawn-out saga between you and a certain person that you’ve overlooked the valuable lesson it offered. This could be made more complicated by the fact that recent developments have affected more than one close relationship. However, there is one duty or obligation that you’ve been freed from. This gives you a perfect opportunity to consolidate and strengthen one particular, important connection.


Don’t be alarmed by any work tension and job pressure at the start of the week, aware that it will have dropped off considerably by Tuesday, but not before delivering an important message. It was on Sunday that the Moon, making its monthly visit to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart moved into opposition with Mars, just a week after the warrior planet of the cosmos returned to your work sector. By the time the Moon opposed Pluto on Monday, this will be something more familiar. Since Pluto’s return to your work sector in 2008, the Moon has moved into opposition every four weeks, charged with reminding you to pace yourself. Considering not only what is developing on the job front but what Venus’ return to your career sector on Saturday will open the door to, this is a timely reminder. This is all about knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.


Unexpected health issues will supplant your wellbeing. So, as soon as you experience the symptoms of oncoming trouble, rush to your nearest physician/doctor to get a due remedial medication. Though once you get out of it, your deep awareness of keeping track of your health and taking better care of yourself and your own needs will help you harness some of your active energy, possibly participating in physical sports as a good outlet.

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