Libra Horoscope for Aug 19, 2018

Get into doing things today, Libra. Activities that require focus or creativity are supported. Your physical strength and energy will compel you to do something active. If you’ve been feeling tired or under the weather, this can put an end to it. Consider artistic projects that take strength, such as building something out of wood or carving. Make something special for someone.


You have been sitting on the fence, not sure whether to jump in and make that commitment today. The planetary configuration today is bringing you some questions to seriously consider before you make that all-important decision. Take some time to think through whether you can be totally yourself or whether you are pretending. Don’t act until you feel sure; it is a big commitment.


Put more of your emotions into your work. Show people that you are passionate about what you do instead of doing your work simply out of obligation or for a paycheck. If you don’t feel emotionally strong about what you do, then find something new.


With the current celestial energy, you will be learning the lesson of “compromise.” It’s not all about getting what you want – it’s about getting what you need (to paraphrase a British rock star). You don’t have to learn the hard way if you don’t want to. The path to enlightenment begins with the body, and if you commit yourself to your body’s health, you will learn what you truly need in spiritual ways as well.

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