Libra Horoscope for Aug 20, 2018

Try to see nightmares as safe ways to understand feelings, Libra. No one likes to experience them, and we’d sooner forget them once awake, the quickest way to ensure they don’t return is to understand what they’re saying. Fear, pain, and anxiety are the most common ingredients of nightmares. What frightens you? Do you feel insecure? Consider the questions and probe for answers.


You have a lot to come to terms with today. The day’s planetary configuration indicates you can either listen to those around you who are moaning about how unhappy they are with their lot in life, or you can leap up, forget your miseries and restrictions, and join in with a crowd of people who are determined to have fun and excitement. Go where your heart truly is.


Your thinking is clear and right on target, but be careful. Someone is likely to take advantage of you. A person in your workplace knows that your ideas are good and he or she is likely to steal them and pass them off as his or her own. Be on guard.


You can give to others without sacrificing your own health. And, if you take your health seriously, you know that every decision we make throughout the day has to do with our health. So, if your friends want to meet for coffee and talk – go for it but order herbal tea if you are trying to minimize your caffeine intake (a good idea these days). If it’s pasta night at someone’s house, have two servings of salad.

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