Libra Horoscope for Aug 21, 2018

Today’s energy can have you feeling ready for anything, Libra. Given your more radical approach, you may need to keep in check. Humanitarianism is part of your being, so if the pursuit of something you want hurts others, it would be a serious contradiction. Think through your actions before following through to ensure that you remain true to your ethical standards.


Today’s planetary configuration means that you can breathe a sigh of relief. You will be able to just be yourself. You can rest assured that anyone who comes around to visit, including your loved one, will not demand anything more of you than simply time to talk nicely about things which aren’t difficult, awkward, embarrassing, or humiliating. Put the kettle on and relax.


Others are further ahead than you, but you are skeptical about making the jump up to their level. Your methodology is to take things slowly and be more reserved when it comes to high-risk situations. This is fine. Don’t be ashamed of this approach.


There is a planetary configuration now that might force you to look at your whole approach to physical health and say “Yuck!” or “C’mon, let’s step it up!” Be appreciative of the insights you have when you feel upset with things – there is much to be said for starting over with a new approach. One small step that is important for you to take, is a serious look at posture – especially when you are at your desk. This can help you to avoid back and shoulder pain.

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