Libra Monthly Horoscope – November, 2018

The month begins on a busy, hectic note. Make sure that you pass this test and give your best. On 2nd, instead of stressing, focus on enhancing your skills and efficiency – as this will help you achieve more in less time and effort, hints Ganesha. This will raise your position at your workplace. Around 3rd, Mercury shifts to Sagittarius (your 3rd House), while retrograde Venus re-enters your Sign. You will be out-spoken, but not very confident. But, you realize how important it is to explain your ideas effectively. So, on 5th and 6th, personality and communications development remains top on your agenda.

Delays and setbacks are likely, but carry on relentlessly. In personal realm, things are not easy, as Venus is retrograde – and it gets influenced by Saturn too. Panic not; all you need to do is be patient! From 9th through 11th, you must stay on guard against seasonal ailments and infections. At the same time, optimism makes a grand comeback in your life and interactions, as Jupiter moves to Sagittarius – your 3rd House. Now, many planetary changes are lined up in the next few days. But, before that you must take time out to spend with your family and loved ones. Soon, Venus becomes direct.

Rejoice! Mars, however, enters Pisces, your 6th – which means there is even greater need to take care of your health, well-being and work equations. Around 17th, one of the biggest cosmic shuffle takes place – Rahu moves to Cancer, while Ketu starts its journey from Capricorn – and your 4/10 House axis gets under their shadow. Around 18th, Mercury turns retrograde. Too much! But, don’t worry – not everything manifests immediately. Anyway, 19th and 20th are great days, but do take care in monetary matters. Romance and love fill the air now. Are you falling for someone in your neighborhood? There are plenty of orders in business, while a happy buzz pervades the work sphere. Around 23rd/ 24th, Sun also moves to your 3rd House – Sagittarius, where Jupiter becomes combust and Mercury is retrograde. 26th is a frenzied day. The happy month seems to be coming to an end on a rather stressful note. Stay guarded and calm.


Venus the planet linked to love and relationships will support those singles to find a soul mate of your choice. Romance will enthrall you and you will enjoy yourself thoroughly. In a meaningful relationship, you may face some differences that will disturb you. Do not be critical and resolve the matter in a wise and matured way. Those already in a long term and committed relationship will be in a hurry to get married. Planetary positions are on your side. Let the talks for the alliance begin with members of both families.


Financial blessings are showered on the natives of this sign. With two major benefices holding fort in the second house, you will be financially strong. You will not only gain from your regular pay cheque, but also from other sources. It may be your insurance or investments in post offices. Avoid spending lavishly on restaurants and shopping. Handle money matters with due wisdom and intelligence. You may be called upon to incur unexpected household expenditure. For this you have to plan your funds very well keeping in mind the future concern. Your planets will give you the necessary intellectual to securely run the show.


Mars stationed in your sign will shower you with the blessings of happiness and bestow on you the ability and strength to excel in spite of any odds that you face in your career. You will be energized to move ahead. Business person will be busy neck deep in work as soon as the deal is finalized. To add to this piece of good news, you will get a call from an old customer for renewing the deal. This is a bonus for you. Those working in a corporate office will have to sharpen skills and work with improved strategies to achieve success.


The month will bring with it good tidings in matters of health. You will sail in the best of health. The November air is crisp and fresh and laden with positive vibes. Continue to cultivate good habits like waking up early with the crowing of the rooster. Those who were troubled by a health issue for long will find a holistic improvement with the new medication. Others must take care of seasonal ailments like common cold and cough. Strong healing influence of Jupiter will help in early recovery from any health issue.

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