Libra Weekly Horoscope, May 7 to May 13

There could be times this week when you find it difficult to agree with a family member concerning a key issue. Don’t let this get to you. By using your natural tact and diplomacy, you may be able to make the best of a tricky situation.

The sun makes a link with fortunate Jupiter on Tuesday, which could make it an upbeat and positive day. You could get an unexpected gift or small amount of money, which would certainly cheer you up.

The best day for handling family affairs may be Friday, when a key discussion could lead to a firm decision. You should feel better once this is resolved.

Friends or partners could seem a tad unreliable on Sunday, perhaps canceling an event at the last minute. If so, use this opportunity to do something you’d really enjoy. It will make you feel much better.


Are things getting stale? Have you stopped looking your best or slacked off when it comes to answering DMs? You can’t help but feel disheartened some of the time, but there’s still hope, Libra. You’re a catch, and someday someone will see that. Buy something new to make yourself feel better over the weekend. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on something before you start to feel good again.


Get ready to have some fun! The energy now supports contracts and other legal agreements. People will want to hear what you have to say. If you’ve wanted to travel or study to improve your career, now is the time to make a real plan. Be willing to work behind the scenes. You’ll be recognized for your efforts later. Many will feel stronger and more optimistic as time progresses.


Life has been a series of challenges recently, and this looks like it will continue for a while. Relationships are your main source of stress. You may join a health club or online forum to get the support you need to stay fit and well. You need other people to provide feedback and fresh ideas. Make sure you give yourself this option.

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