Pisces Horoscope for Aug 13, 2018

Have you been pursuing a career involving the creative arts, Pisces? If so, news of an upcoming success could come your way today. This is a gratifying day for you. Friends could phone or come by to congratulate you. Ideas for new projects could fill your head. Go out to dinner tonight with friends or your romantic partner. You deserve it!


There is a certain sizzle in the air today concerning the promise of romance. Romance is perhaps not the word; seduction by electrocution is more accurate. What supplies the energy is the high-powered charge from the planetary configuration, which makes conversations crackle with energy. There is no excuse for not having a fabulous evening, but it will take an interesting kind of vocabulary to make it more passionate.


You have an important work-related secret that you are hesitant to disclose. This information is vital to the health and collective success of your workplace, but you fear the backlash that this information may create. Let the cat out of the bag.


You feel the planetary alignment today as a positive aspect, supporting those who are willing to turn their good intentions into action. The power of this transit is in experiencing the benefit of exercise and a healthy diet in your emotional life. Begin with today. Concentrate on making your diet a mirror reflection of what you feel is right: heavy on the vegetables, low on the sweets, look for protein in legumes and lay off on the saturated fat!

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